A little about me...

Love2care4pets was established February 2016 when I decided to follow my dream after 22 years of working within administrative roles.  I have first hand experience with various animals and pride myself on being reliable, approachable, loyal, trustworthy, flexible, excellent time keeper and above all enthusiastic.


I have always had a love for animals since I was a child and find myself comfortable around them instantly.  I support numerous animal charities with donations and sign petitions for animal rights.  I am a vegetarian myself, however being surrounded by meat eaters in my family, I like to emphasise the importance of animal welfare and their quality of life.  I don’t have children, so I have plenty of time and love to give to my pets as well as others.  


I have been lucky enough to have always had pets in my life, except for my time serving in the Royal Air Force.  Dogs, cats, rats, hamsters, budgies, coldwater & aquarium fish, chickens, guinea pigs, rabbits and degu's have all left prints on my heart.

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